St. Paddy’s Day Run 10K Recap!

What better way than to celebrate a holiday with a little fun run!?

The local running ladies got together to run this race! Most ran the 5K, but I knew I would want to run more than 3 miles. 5Ks are not my cup of tea. I didn’t really have a goal. I knew it would be pushing it too much to shoot for 1:00.

I woke up Saturday morning to SNOW and rain. and COLD. It was about 36 degrees at 7am. Boo. Yeah.. snow then rain. FUN.. but thats how we roll in the PNW.

So my outfit had to change a bit.. the shorts and tee were not going to fly.. I added some capris and then long sleeve black tee and my vest. And my cool green headband! Here is a before shot of my awesome green shorts & socks!

Baseball socks from Dick’s sporting goods! Also – Shorts over tights keeps your bootay warm!

I met up with Kerrie and Zoe and Zoe’s friend L and we piled into Zoe’s car to head to the race! oh and Goober came too! It was full out snowing when we left but raining when we go to the race. We found parking pretty easily and reluctantly got out because we had to get our race packets! We ran to the meet-up spot to stay warm and saw the others and Chelsea who didn’t say she was coming!

We found out pretty quick that the line to pick up packets was LONG! The 10K started before the 5K so we headed over to get in line. Dude. Ridiculous. Standing in the rain in the middle of the street to pick up a packet= no fun. I finally got my packet and only had about 15 minutes until the race started.  I dashed over to the group and got help putting my bib and chip on.  Then I dropped my coat at bag check and went to warm up.  As cold as it was I KNEW I needed a warm up.  I ran around until I saw people starting to line up. There were more people than I had guessed. It was packed. After waiting for no reason they finally played the anthem and then we were off!

The first mile was quite down hill so I was going pretty fast.  This is never a good thing on an our and back course! Mile 1 was 9:59 so a bit fast.  There was a small hill and then it was pretty flat the rest of the course. I tried for steady or marathon pace. Mile 2 was 10:15. At this point I was regretting not hitting the porta potties before the race! oops! I saw several along the way so I figured if I got desperate I could stop. But they always have LINES. Mile 3 was pretty flat and 10:22.  There was a water stop at the turn around so I walked for a few minutes to drink some water. Mile 4 was a repeat of mile 3 and 10:28. Mile 5 was was not sure about that porta potty still but with only 2 miles left I figured I could wing it. Then I hit mile 5.5.  This is where the end of the 5K walkers were going and we joined up with them.  However they were taking up the WHOLE road and not letting runners by.  I may have yelled at a few people to get out of the way.. I tried to limit my weaving but there were only a few places I could go! Mile 5 was 10:12.  I guess I sped up during that weaving! Mile 6 was repeat of mile 1, except its UPhill. Yeah.. uphill + weaving = hard work. I held on and kept up with some people infront of me and even passed a few people! Mile 6 was 10:22.  Then it finally flattened out for the last 0.2 miles so I sped up and sprinted. 0.2 mi in 1:57 (9:17 pace!). Total Time:

Here is my post-race picture!

10K done! -Thanks Zoe

Overall not a bad race but the whole runner/walker mix is beyond annoying.  So was the fact there was a like 30 person deep line to get a bottle of water. UGH.  I went around back and grabbed a bottle and went off to find the gang! Everyone was pretty wet and tired so we made quick plans for food and headed to the cars.

We didn’t go too far and found a pub place that was open for breakfast/lunch. We had a group and it took FOR.EV.ER to get food. I was starving and cold. We had a fun time! Here is the whole group:

Tiffany, Chelsea, Kerrie, L, Zoe & Goober, me, Mel, Jill and Kim

After eating we headed home and I finally got a nice warm shower!  I hung out with some great friends for the rest of the say and we celebrated with a traditional Irish dinner!  And of course this happened AFTER the run:

That would be Blue sky and the SUN.

Such is life in the PNW. You don’t win them all.  Overall a fun race and great holiday!

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2 Responses to St. Paddy’s Day Run 10K Recap!

  1. Kerrie says:

    So glad we all got to meet up for this race. Alone, it would’ve been tres miserables! And I so know what you mean about meeting up with walkers. That’s how my 10K was in Issaquah in October — it’s really annoying if you are racing the clock, too!

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