running: sun & rain

The last two days I have run in complete extremes!

Wednesday morning I usually lift, but this week I was in Phoenix for work. I couldn’t resist this weather:

I headed out for a run! Good thing I had my sunnies! I needed them! Since it was relatively early in the morning, I didn’t eat but I had a Gu. I have never done that method before, but it seemed to work. Gu with caffiene is a plus for the early morning! I headed out from the hotel on a route I usually run near ASU which has people on it! I saw some other runners and a few walkers. I opted for not carrying water and survived. I probably should have as I’m not really used to the heat.. but Oh well.

I was hoping for 6 miles but I left a little late.. I got to the 2.5 mi and had noticed they had 0.25 mi markers along this path. So when I turned around, I sprinted for the next 0.25 mi! I know I kept it under an 8:30 pace and finished somewhere ~7:50! eee!! I had to walk to catch my breath. I jogged normal for the next 0.25 mi the repeated! This one was a bit slower, but still sub 8:30 I think! It was a bit too warm to do much more, so I just ran my normal pace for the rest of the run!

Post run:

Shorts and a tee shirt run!

And the final total:

It felt great to get my run in & done early in the morning! It was a long day ending in a flight home.

This morning I had hopes of getting up for the gym, but that did NOT happen! After work it was pouring rain pretty good and some of my friends wimped out.  I needed to run for some miles, so I headed to the run group. There were some hard-core runners there. I headed out with intentions of running 5 miles, but turned around early for 4.25 miles. My left calf and IT are really tight and I didn’t want to push it. Here’s the total:

Off for some fun with the foam roller! …


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