Another week of random cell phone pictures for you!  This week was a bit light on the pictures due to my work trip.. I still got a few!

I got one of the new Chevy Sonic cars as my rental this week. It wasn’t bad. Decent for a little car! And I made a point to go to Sonic in my Sonic!! 😀

Every once in awhile I go for a treat and have the REAL thing. Yes I can still drink it! Its pretty good.  haha.

The sun has been out a few times this week in Seattle along with a good amount of rain.. But more sun means that spring & summer are on their way! Hooray!!! Now we just need the temperature to increase about 10 degrees…

We have like NO food at home. I scrounged this up at the office for a morning snack. not the best, but it filled me up.

Linking up with Jeannette at Life Rearranged again! Head over and see what everyone else captured this week!

life rearranged

Happy Friday!


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