Soggy and Chilly Run

Saturdays in the recent past, I have been doing either trail running or some medium-length mileage. Nothing huge.  Well this past weekend it was time to step it up.  I arranged to meet some of my friends who are running with TNT.  (As an alumni you are allowed to run..) They had a 160 minute run.

Upon waking up, I did not like what I heard outside. Or when I checked the weather:

Yes that is perfect weather for running 2.5 hours… So.. I ended up changing my whole wardrobe idea. I got up a bit late and had half a pb sandwich. We were out of oatmeal. 😦

Then getting ready. I wore carpris, a tee, my new winter weather pullover, and then ear warmers & visor. Getting ready took 2x as long because I didn’t want to miss on the body glide! Rain +chafing = pain.

I met up with everyone and we had to wait a bit to run, but my friend Anne and I took off.  We were running along the west side of Lake Washington and did a loop around Seward, but then we had still 1:40 to run so we did another loop and cut through and over the top of the hill! Then headed up the lake and did some super boring out and backs. A little over 2 hours we were pretty tired and walking quite a bit more and also starting to get cold. We didn’t see too many other people and were not sure where to meet so we headed back to the cars to find.. .no one. ugh. Luckily I had my car key on me and we got out of the rain for a bit. Here was the final verdict:

I was hoping for more along the lines of 15 miles for the day, but this will do! Its a pretty slow pace overall, but the time out there matters! The shoes were quite soaked – I didn’t realize the top of my shoes were mostly mesh.. And they got quite dirty!

 My feet were Prunes underneath!! But no blisters! I LOVE my Smartwool Socks!

Key to running in the rain: Have a dry jacket in the car and a towel! Best things ever!

On my way home I got this to enjoy:

However I ended up waiting to drink it until after my shower. By the time I got home, the uncontrollable shivering had taken over. So a warm shower was needed!

Afterwards the hubs and I had a great afternoon! We headed to Chipotle, the lego store, a look at the Tesla store, dropped my North Face off because the zipper broke, and some fun food purchases at Whole Foods! We came home with a great dessert!

I dip my own strawberries! SO yummy!

It was a great way to end March!


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3 Responses to Soggy and Chilly Run

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  2. RicoleRuns says:

    Awesome run!! Way to get out there and dominate it despite this horrible dreary weather!

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