March Running Recap!

Alright.. I skipped January and February recaps but here are the total miles:

January = 72

February = 78.8

March was a pretty active month! I felt really strong on a lot of my runs. I didn’t get to the track as much as I wanted but I did for one quality 400m interval workout! I went trail running twice and ran a St. Paddys day 10K. My longest run of the month was on the 31st in some pretty nasty weather!

My race is coming up quicker than I anticipated, but I am feeling strong and have some quality long runs planned in the next few weeks!

I also finished off the New Rules of Lifting Stage 1 (recap soon!) and started Stage 2 this month! I am starting to see some changes and really excited about it!

So the March total was 92 miles!

I wish it was 100 and if I had planned and gotten my act together the one week I ran only 9 miles, I’d have been there, but I’m just going to move on! I know I will hit it this month!

Yearly total: 242.8

Not too shabby! I am pleased especially with how hard my work schedule has been recently! Now onto conquering April and hopefully a 3 digit month!


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One Response to March Running Recap!

  1. Paulette says:

    Very cool – I’m interested to see the new rules of lifting recap too. You had a fantastic month! What is your target race? (sorry if I should have read this somewhere and missed it.)

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