Hooray for another Friday. And a GOOD one at that! I keep forgetting that it is Easter weekend! I don’t get a break or anything for work. This year I am feeling it a bit more and wishing for a spring break! Last year we spent the first 2 weeks of April in Italy!!

Alright well onto THIS week’s shenanigans!

Totally awesome cherry trees ( I think..) down the street! We walked down to take a picture – got there and it started raining! Now they are all soggy..

Last night I headed out with some friends for a run around Belleveue.  We ran through the botanical gardens with lots of pretty flowers blooming! The best part was no rain and even a bit of sun!! It is already staying light until at least 7:30 these days! Love the summer here!!

I had to take two driving trips for work this week resulting a fill up a few days earlier than normal.  Yeah.. its pricey. I sure hope whoever set this price is enjoying their moolah! I miss mine!

I have resorted to buying the half gallon of chocolate milk. Nothing beats it after a good run!

A little fun with a fun song and a new ringtone. We have some friends who’d kids LOVE this song! They know the words and it is hilarious to watch them sing. I don’t get that many calls on my phone so its fun to mix up the ring tone now and again?!

I am linking up with Jeannette at Life Rearranged! Head over to check out all the picts! I hear Instagram is available on android these days!

life rearranged

Happy GOOD Friday!


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