Sunny Spring Seattle Saturday!

This past weekend was AMAZING in Seattle! It felt like July! It was sunny and warm – warm being maybe 60 degrees!! A lot of my friends are training through TNT for either Eugene or Vancouver Marathons. This week was the longest run for the Eugene before taper. My friend A, is running Eugene and I told her I’d run her long runs with her and I’m going with her to the race. So this week the schedule said 3 hours for the run and so we discussed running 18-20 miles. So what happened?!

I woke up and have been savoring my sleep so I don’t leave myself enough time. I was meeting my friends to carpool at 7.. I had some oatmeal and got dressed in my compression capris and a long sleeve Craft. I was debating on my vest or just a tee for a second layer and threw both in my bag. I had luckily set out all my fuel the night before, but had forgotten to charge my Garmin. #fail. However – hubs got me a usb car charger converter so I grabbed the plug and the charger to charge in the car! (It totally worked!) I headed out to my car and did not like what I saw.. Frost. Yep here is the temp at 7am..

It was quite chilly. And we were heading to the mountains where it potentially was colder. I met up with the carpool and we zipped up into the Cascades. Here is the beautiful sunrise on the way!

We were SOO excited to see the sun after last week’s soggy run!

The run was on the Iron Horse Trail – sometimes called the John Wayne Trail.  It is really easy to pick up at Rattlesnake Lake.  There are several hikes at the lake and while the Trail is more of a gravel trail – its perfect for running. Well perfect in the crazy-runner sense. You see the Iron Horse trail is the old railroad that went from east-west through the Cascades. It goes up and over/through the mountains and yes there is incline, but due to railroad standards the grade is low. Therefore it actually makes for decent running. Decent if you call 9 miles up and then 9 miles down a good run! We do around here!

We arrived early enough to hit the porta potties (and the doors wouldn’t close..) and get dressed and ready to go. We had previously discussed trying for a 10:45-11 min pace.  We headed out and were doing pretty well with a 10:30 pace for a while.  We slowed down a bit eventually. Getting to the 9 mile turn around was rough the last mile or so. However there was some GREAT scenery along the way! We stopped at one point and I took these:








It was just beautiful the whole way. The sun, tree, mountains, waterfalls, snow. Except for that one spot someone had unloaded at least 200 shotgun shells.. but who knows. We did see some snow in the last mile, but it wasn’t bad. Getting to the turn-around was great! I made sure my watch ticked 9.00 and headed back! The uphill was kind of hard because you could see that the trail was inclined. And after 8 miles of going up you could feel it. The downhill the first 2 miles was awesome. We were cruising at like a 9:30 pace. I slowed it down when my stomach started cramping a bit and to make sure I could make it all the way back! We got to the water stop at 4.5 (out from the start) and stopped for some refills and some pretzels. A little salt helps! It’s something different from Gu at least! Then not wanting to hang out for too long, we headed out. The last 2 miles were probably the hardest. I slowed down quite a bit in my pace, but I was feeling alright. I could feel a difference in my core thanks to the weight lifting! I felt stronger and able to hold my form better! We got all the way to the bottom and found most of the group hanging out! There were still a few people finishing behind us. A and I headed to meet our carpool friends who were at the lake doing ice baths. If I had brought a towel and change of clothes – I would have done it. Oh well. Post run picture:

Then here is the top of Rattlesnake ledge with a bit of the lake at the bottom. This is the main hike.

Rattlesnake Lake!

And the total mileage and my awesome shoes which carried me those 18.2 miles!

I headed home with only a stop for a ice bag and proceeded to torture myself in this fashion:

I know that reviews are mixed but ice baths DO help me. It helps to reduce the inflammation significantly and really speeds recovery. I was not sore yesterday at all from the run.

Overall I am very encouraged by this run! I like the pace I held and how the run turned out! I am looking forward to several more quality runs in the next few weeks!

Hope your Saturday or Sunday run was awesome!


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One Response to Sunny Spring Seattle Saturday!

  1. Paulette says:

    Great job, great photos too! I’m so bad about getting up early especially on weekends – our long runs end up being mid-day. Oh well…

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