Tuesday Double!

Since I have moved onto the NROLFW stage 2, the workouts are a bit more intense and longer. Instead of doing them 3x a week, I am only doing 2. So far my attempts to get up on Monday am for the gym have failed, so I have been going Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This morning I dragged myself up at 5am and hit the gym! It was hard, but I got it done! I did the full weights and then topped the workout off by doing 10 Burpees. I figure it’s a good way to burn a few extra calories!

You can see my stick figure drawings to help me remember the form! I got this Saucony bottle the other week at the running store when the rep came by! It reminds me to Find my Strong which is their new campaign which features Dorothy from Miles Posts!!

Then it was onto the normal day of work! It was a tough day so I was ready to get my run in tonight! Today was mostly sunny and WARM! Well warm for here – it was over 60! I headed to meet the regular group at the running store and ran 4 lovely miles in shorts and a tee-shirt! It felt amazing!

Double days are fun, but the definitely leave me hungry and tired!

I am off for an early bedtime!

How did you workout today?


About Karla

Runner, Christian, Reader, All about living a healthy lifestyle and living for God!
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