Sunny April Back to Back Run Weekend!

This past weekend was another DRY, SUNNY weekend! It was beyond exciting!! I had some big running plans and a few other ‘goals’ for the weekend!

Saturday: Scheduled Run: Trail run loop.

This was a special Trail run. The running store owner was coming along to do a clinic and interactive help with trail running!

The morning started out chilly:

I put on a long sleeve under my tee just because the woods are cooler usually. Heading out to the trail I got to see this:

It's gonna be a good good day!

We grouped up and learned a bit about the map and the trails – i.e. how to not get lost. Then we took off. We stopped off and on to do demos and stuff on different sections of trail. It was pretty slow going.  The whole group was running together and we had some newbies. Here is a shot of the trail I took on one of our breaks:

Sun breaks through the trees – it was amazing. Was nice to go slow and enjoy it! We even learned how to fall properly on the trail and unfortunately someone had to test it out! Luckily a little dirt and scraped hand and all was A-OK! My watch is NOT accurate. I tried to stop it but forgot to restart it a time or two. In all we ran 7 miles and were out ~2.5 hours. yeah. hours. it was a long.time.

post run sweaty self-portrait!

We headed out for a little post run chat to catch up! One of my friends had been skiing in Montana earlier in the week so we had some fun at the typical Seattle Starbucks!

Saturday afternoon, I went into crazy spring-cleaning mode! Laundry, cleaning, trash, hanging pictures on the walls, bed making, target run, everything imaginable. It was great and I got a lot accomplished! Except for resting that is..

Sunday: Planned run: 12 miles

With the race coming up I knew I needed to get out and run. My goal was for 12 miles before heading off to church.  It was warm. My legs hurt every.step. I walked a bit every mile. I didn’t make it to 12 miles. I made it 10 though!

Per typical tired-run feel, my legs did start to pick up after 7 or 8 miles.  I did take my Gu and definitely felt better when I took it! I am really glad I pushed to get it done! I feel like I accomplished something with my running this weekend! But these babies – they were tired.

No blisters, just sore.

It was warmer on my run than I had anticipated so when I got home I enjoyed one of my favs:

It was beyond refreshing. I know some people aren’t into this stuff, but man when I don’t drink enough water it does make a difference. (I only run with water)

After the run, it was off to church and then I hung out with a friend most of the afternoon. We ran errands and had a good time. The hubs was not feeling well, so I left him home in bed!

Overall a good weekend, but I am still relatively tired. probably a mix of over-activity and dehydration. Both are being addressed!

Any double runs for you


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