Wednesday along the Lake

Tonight I met up with a couple friends and we had a nice sunny run! We met up and headed out.  One person had to turn back at 15 minutes but we continued on.  I had been thinking about running 5, but at the turnaround for 4, I was not feeling it. We turned around and headed back. Possibly a bit slower as it was into the wind, but it sure felt good! It was 59 degrees out (per my car) and the sun was out behind a cloud. But there was no precipitation! It was an easy 4 mile run!

Here is a post race picture – shorts and a tee shirt! hooray!!

I came home and showered and then could have just eaten cereal (which I am prone to do), but I am trying to be better about my diet in hopes of dropping a few pounds before swimsuit season. I have been lazy lately. So I pulled out my package of chicken sausages and actually read the back to see cooking options. I was hoping for micro, but it said you could bake at 375 fro 8-10 mins. Not bad. I popped them on my Silpat along with a cut up sweet potato and they all baked together. The potato took a bit longer.. I threw one sausage on top of some spinach/spring mix, feta, and a few carrots. YUM. So good. Then I ate 1/3 of the roasted potato. YUM. See:

And now I’ve been chilling on the couch with an Ice Pack. The inside of my left ankle/shin area has been sore the past few days. I am thinking I strained something trail running. Its been tender and possibly a bit swollen. Any ideas? It was a bit sore today when I ran. I’m thinking a few rest days might be in order.  The start of those rest days is an early bed time!


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