New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage 1 Recap

It has been a couple of weeks since I finished this stage, but I still want to recap it properly! My Initial post about starting this is here.

Stage 1 has 2 workouts that you do 3x a week for a total of 6 weeks.  I followed the plan and did the workouts 3x a week for the 6 weeks.  I even had to do a couple of workouts while on travel, but thankfully I go places I have access to L.A. Fitness and can do everything!

The workouts for Stage one were great! I really enjoyed the sets. It started off nicely with about 30-40 minutes of lifting which is not bad to get you introduced.  After 3 weeks it added a set so it started to take closer to an hour, but I was enjoying it and did not notice the time. I noticed some improvements during stage one, but not a ton. I did notice being stronger. I am pretty vigilant about my protein powder after I lift, so soreness was a minimum. This also means that I didn’t over-do it with the weights. While doing this I kept up my 25ish miles per week of running as well. There were several times I did doubles – weights in the morning and run in the evening and it was hard, but I enjoyed the challenge!

Here is a summary of the starting weights and ending weight I did for the workouts. The starting weights were maybe a bit light, but I didn’t want to over-do it at first.

Workout A:

Workout A Start Wt End Wt
A: Squat 40 75
B1: Pushups 30 deg flat
B2: Seated Row 45 70
C1: Step Up 10 30
C2: Prone Jacknife 8 reps 15 reps

Workout B:

Workout B Start Wt End Wt
A: Deadlift 30 75
B1: Dumbell Shoulder Press 20 40
B2: Wide Lat Pulldown 60 80
C1: Lunge 10 40
C2: Swiss Ball Crunch 8 reps 15 reps

I am pleased with the progress I was able to make over 6 weeks! The increase in weights tells me I am getting stronger and I hope to see more to come!

I did not take beginning measurements. I sort of forgot and was also to frustrated myself.  I took post-stage measurements though. Here they are(Taken 3/18/2012):

Bust = 39.5″
Waist = 37″
Hips = 41.25″
R Bicep= 12.75″
L Bicep= 12.5″
R Thigh = 20.75″
L Thigh = 21″

And NO there are not pictures. sorry. Provided all this works, there will be a picture at the end!

And onto Stage 2 I proceeded!


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