Another fun-filled week with a few cell phone picts! I have been getting lazy about pictures, but I also haven’t been doing much other than work, run, eat, sleep. A little tv and reading and that’s about all. Kind of boring. Here’s what I have for you from this last week.

It was warm last weekend and since hubs was a bit sick, I drank a lot of Gatorade this week. Along with water but both. Plus last weekend it was warm and I felt a bit dehydrated.

So far this week – all of my runs were in SHORTS. yes. That is beyond exciting! I know some people complain about rubbing but whatevs. I’m so tired of pants/capris (well except for my awesome lulu ones!)

This week I have made a much more concerted effort to eat healthier. Try to actually eat veggies and more protein. I use to track my food. It definitely helps!

In theme with this week, due to the tiredness I added in some coffee. It also went with the several days of full out rain we had this week.

And this is what happens in the evenings when I get hungry. I prefer a coffee mug -portion control. We don’t drink a lot of coffee at home, so I have to find some use for my mugs!!

Wow- what a theme – fuel and running. I guess that is life!

Linking up with Jeannette at Life Rearranged!
life rearranged
Happy Friday!!


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Runner, Christian, Reader, All about living a healthy lifestyle and living for God!
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