sunny weekend recap!

It was another Sunny and WARM weekend in Seattle. Now you may be reading this and going why is she SO focused on this. UMM.. well see we are pretty far north. Seattle is farther north than most of the US – more north than Chicago, or Minneapolis and even Toronto. The Latitude of Seattle is 47 degrees. Remember 0 is at the equator. For reference, Nashville is 36 degrees. So we don’t get a lot of sun and its a lot harder for things to warm up here! This weekend it was sunny. That yellow ball was out and the thermometer even hit 70. It is beyond exciting!

Last week I was feeling a bit sore on my left shin. I decided to nix my 20 miler this weekend and go easy. It was so pretty I couldn’t just stay inside so I hit up the trails! It was supposed to warm up, but starting off was only about 43 deg in the morning so I put on a long sleeve tee.

My legs were a bit sore from doing my NROLFW workout on Friday, so going up the hills was a bit slower going than I would have liked.  I thought I was going slow, but I decided to just enjoy the day! I was hot in my long sleeve, so the breaks were probably good! It was pretty with the sun streaming through the trees and everything starting to turn green! I saw a couple of flowers too.  In the end the run was about the pace I would have wanted it overall. I am sure I can go faster on a non-sore day, but I figured this was pretty good!

Post run shoes:

It was still a bit muddy from Fridays rain!

The leader of our group celebrated her 40th birthday Friday. She was still a little tipsy apparently for the run, but someone brought us all ribbon hairbands to wear! I wore mine all day for fun! Did you know that doing fun things like that makes a lot of people smile?! try it sometime!

I ran around and did some errands and did some crafts with some friends. It was so pretty out! Here is a quality spring/summer day in Seattle when you can see THE mountain!

It is AWESOMe to look at! I never get tired!!

And spring is pretty much here give or take.. and this is evidence!

We had several pretty Azalea bushes around our house growing up! I got nostalgic!

The rest of the weekend was just as beautiful! We just hung out with friends and did the usual chores! It was fabulous! Now onto another work week!


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3 Responses to sunny weekend recap!

  1. Paulette says:

    What a VIEW – jealous! I love mountains. I’m hoping the not so warmness of Seattle sticks around for RnR in June…we picked it in hope of nice temps. And because I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle!

  2. Jamie says:

    That WAS a nice day! I used to visit my relatives in West Seattle and if you can see Rainier like that, then it’s an awesome day!

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