another double tuesday

Mondays are just not my thing lately! So I got up super early Tuesday to hit the gym and start my New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage 3 workout!

Stage 3 is a bit different in that it has 3 sets of lower reps. It also said to rest for 105 seconds. I’m not sure I did that because I was thinking it would take  However I thought I was done and did my 10 burpees and then realized there was like a cardio ‘set’ left. oops. I was toast by the end. But I survived. It is finally much different workouts so it was exciting for something new!

Tuesday night is a fun run night at my running store and one of my church friends was coming along!  We headed out for an easy 3 miles in the warmth!

I also tested out my new shoes:

Mizuno something. I really don’t know. I trust my running store owner who watches me run weekly on group runs. He knows his stuff.  Short story is my old shoes wore out way too fast – thinking defect – and were possibly causing some gait issues. I now have some shin splint problems. yuck. The new shoes are much better! But takes time to heal! There has been a fair amount of icing and foam rolling lately.

I also rocked some super fun buns all day Tuesday just because!


It feels great to do 2 workouts in one day, but the hunger is not so fun! I survived!

How often do you do 2 workouts in a day? Ever? 


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