stormy Wednesday run

Yesterday was rainy per usual in Seattle. However yesterday right about 6 we had some unusual weather for Seattle.

See that highlighted Bit.. heavy showers with lightening. Right.. Well I stepped out to go run at 6. It was barely sprinkling. 1.5 minutes later it was a torrential downpour – not sure about the hail. Then I was on a sidewalk next to a field and there is lightening and thunder. Only the telephone poles are taller than me. I actually turned around to head back, then was like enh, whatever I’ll see how long this lasts. So I kept going. The rain was heavy and hard. I hope no one noticed the fact that all my clothes were plastered and do you know what happens to soaked running shorts? yeah… Well after a few minutes, it actually let up. It was only lightly sprinkling or doing nothing. I continued my run and was focusing on form just going easy trying to get a handle on my new shoes. My shin was a bit sore, but with proper form felt OK. I am not pushing it though!  In the last half mile it started raining a bit again. I made it in just before it started raining hard! However I was still pretty soaked!

I did an easy 3 miles.

This weekend I am running the Eugene Half so I probably should be taking it semi-easy. The shin is still a bit swollen but I think its getting better. There was much less pain or I didn’t notice it near as much!


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One Response to stormy Wednesday run

  1. Paulette says:

    Excited to hear how the half went! 🙂 I hope you loved it.

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