Seattle Sunshine and a little dirt

This weekend I wanted to run. However my shin from last week was still hurting. With the race in 2 weeks, I knew 15 miles on the road was NOT going to happen.  I decided to head to the woods for some trail running.  The loop has an option to turn back at 3 miles or you can continue for the full 7.  I figured I’d test out and see.  Friday night I spent some time on the foam roller with my calves and found quite a few knots. Not fun.

Saturday morning the leg was feeling alright and I knew that my trail shoes have a lot of support. I was almost late, but it was a nice day! I layered up this time with a long sleeve and a short sleeve. It was ~42 or so when we started off. I took it easy the first section as there was a new person who was going slower so I hung back with her. Made it easier for me! She opted to only run the first half and my shin was feeling well enough for the full loop.  The other girls were slightly faster so they were ahead, but waited at each intersection. Towards the end on the last uphill of the loop before heading back to the parking lot, I was doing my run/jump over a log and didn’t get my toe high enough. Next thing I knew I was face down in the dirt! We were taught to not reach your hands out and I don’t think I did much. My left knee & hand took the most impact. I was able to walk without limping so, I walked for a bit to get my head back on and check everything out – no blood luckily! Then I was able to jog to the next interchange to meet with the girls. We headed back to the cars and I felt fine, except my hand was really stinging.  So here is the damage & dirt:

Hard to tell somewhat but I hit a few rocks which luckily didn’t break the skin, but it is bruised. It is still swollen today and I can’t put full pressure on a few spots..

Yes those are my Lulus. And no they did not rip. SO glad! You can’t tell much, but i did land on a few rocks so I have some semi-major bruising on the knee. I’m just glad the lulus didnt rip!

Oh and I didn’t even have my Garmin so I have no stats besides it was 7 miles. haha.

After the run, I headed out for some pampering -getting my hair cut & colored. It has been since Christmas on the color and maybe early March on the cut/trim. I let my friend do her magic and I did have an idea of how I wanted it cut. Here’s the final!

Much shorter and way better color! AND it still fits in a pony tail! HA!

Sunday afternoon it was beautiful so we took a drive to West Seattle to take in views such as this:

Yeah.. If you look close you can see the top of the space needle is Orange! 😀  Its so beautiful here this time of year!!

Then the hubs took me for some fro-yo! YUM! It was awesome!

They even had marshmallow to put on top!

So that was my fun weekend and as we say in the country “A little dirt don’t hurt” and we get up and move on! Onto the week ahead!


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