New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage 2 Recap

I completed Stage 2!

Stage 2 is shorter. It is only 8 workouts per set (A,B) and if you do it 3x a week, it will be 3 weeks or you can do 2x a week for 4 weeks.  With getting into my peak training for Marathon #3, I opted for 2x a week.

I’ll just put it bluntly. I did not like this stage. I am so tired of doing step ups and I don’t understand the difference between the “static lunge with rear foot elevated”, the “bulgarian split squat” and the “Reverse lunge from a box”. They all seemed so similar. I tried to vary the heights?! Who knows.

I’ll get right to it:

Stage 2 Workout A Start Wt End Wt
A: Front Squat/Push press 45 55
B1: Step Up 30 35
B2:Dumbell One Pt Row 20 35
C1: Static Lunge-rear ft elev 30 35
C2: Push ups 10 flat 10 flat
D1: Planks 60 sec 60 sec
D2: Horiz Woodchop 15 25

And part two:

Stage 2 Workout B Start Wt End Wt
A. Wide Grip Deadlift from Box 50 70
B1: Bulgarian Split Squat 20 35
B2. Underhand Grip lat pull down 70 80
C1. Reverse Lunge box w/reach 20 25
C2. Dumbbell prone cobra snatch 20 20
D1. Swiss Ball crunch 10reps/10# 10reps/10#
D2.Reverse Crunch 10reps 10reps
D3. Lateral Fexion 10reps 10reps
E. Prone Cobra 60s 60s

Overall even though I didn’t like some of these exercises, I did make progress and that is important! I feel stronger and a bit trimmer.  Which is also shown in the numbers!!I have to confess that workout B was supposed to have 15 minutes of intervals following the workout. I usually do these in the mornings and run later that evening. I skipped the intervals. I know they are important, but I figured I was doing a lot already..

3/18/2012 22-Apr
Bust 39.5 39
Wasit -bb 37 35.5
Hips 41.25 40.5
R Bicep 12.75 12.5
L Bicep 12.5 12.25
R Thigh 20.75 20.25
L Thigh 21 20.5

Wow I was beyond excited with these! Losing about an inch in my waist and 0.5″ on each thigh is exciting!!

Onto the next stage!

Stage 1


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2 Responses to New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage 2 Recap

  1. Hey! Great job on the weights. That’s a lot of sets and I think I would get bored too. For the Bulgarian squat your weight should all be on your front leg. Your back leg should be light and just for balance. With the split squat your weight is more on the back foot. Hope that helps!

    • Karla says:

      Thanks! It was more like just they all felt ‘similar’ so its a lot of sets for ‘similar’ moves.. Thanks for the advice if they come back up again!

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