Another week of grainy cell phone pictures! Its funny that in a world of Digital SLR cameras, we end up going back to these types of pictures! Linking up with Jeannette at Life Rearranged!
life rearrangedIts been a long week here, but its been a nice one! the Seattle weather has cooperated and been mostly beautiful!

unfiltered beauty. need I say more?

Thanks to the beauty I participated in #RUNch. A lunch run. It was nice. I even got a bit of sun burn. That white skin attracts the sun. guess I need a supply of sunscreen at work..

I decided to make homemade bread for awhile. It has like 6 ingredients and way better than processed foods. Last night I topped it with some over-medium eggs. Delish!

Another easy run. taper is hard and fun. You don’t run as much, but at least I got to enjoy some of the beautiful weather!!

I got this lovely reminder yesterday. EEK. I’m off today for a sports massage to hopefully help the shin/calf issues. I’m nervous but excited. The forecast is to be BEAUTIFUL.

oh snap. that is a race bib. yep I registered for a 5 mile trail race tomorrow. One week before my marathon. Yes I’m crazy.

Happy Friday!


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Runner, Christian, Reader, All about living a healthy lifestyle and living for God!
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2 Responses to InstaFriday!

  1. RicoleRuns says:

    Good luck today! You’re going to rock it! I need a sports massage bad. How did you find a good place?

    • Karla says:

      So I found sports massage guy through a friend who was a trainer at 24 hr in downtown. i can give you his name/# if you want. email me.

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