Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series: 5 Mile

You may have spotted this photo at the end of my InstaFriday last week:

Yes even with a Marathon a week away, I registered for another race. oops. This is a race that is held at the same place I have been running on Saturdays. I’m familiar with the trails and part of the race fee goes towards the parks fund. I’m OK with that.

I subscribe to Runners World (DUH…) and got their ‘Trail’ Special Edition the other week. Guess what – this running series was IN there! See:

Well running this was all dependent on my Massage appt Friday. So let me back up. The left inside of my lower leg has been hurting since having issues with my shoes and such.. I headed in, described my problems and we got down to figuring things out. It is NOT a stress fracture(Thank You Lord!), but I do have pretty severe inflammation in my leg still. He was able to get a lot of the muscles to release and get the blood flowing. I will not say it was fun. However by the end – the inflammation was already starting to subside. He put on KT tape to help support the leg so that the muscles and relax and I was given the instructions that I could run on the trails (whew!) and do weights/cardio but not run until the race. 😦 I’m heading back next friday to get re-taped and we will see how much it has gone down then. I am working hard at icing and going to start foam rolling and taking some Advil. I really need it to go away so I can run the full! please pray!

So I headed up to the trail Saturday Morning. It was a bit chilly but the weather was slated to warm up quite a bit. The sun was out early and there were no clouds to be found!

The race was pretty easy although it had this dumb loop at the beginning and so I ended up towards the back of the pack. Ok with me.. (here I am waving at the beginning!)

Then we headed off and had some wider trail so that people could spread out. I was able to pass some people at the beginning but then we hit this huge hill that I hate! Its hard. Finally made it to the top and cruised down! Passed some people who had head phones in! It was such an amazing day! After the nice downhill I caught up with one of my friends who was walking. He said he was just tired so I kept going. He caught back up to me about a mile later and we ran/walked together easy the rest of the way. We had fun! That is the point right!? My total time was 1:08. Yes for 5 miles -but on the trails. I also am running on a sore leg so I really took it easy. I had fun and that is what counts!

After the race I headed home for a day of relaxing! That is what you do during taper!

Have you ever done a Trail race?


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5 Responses to Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series: 5 Mile

  1. AND you met me!!!! 🙂

    So glad you had fun. I hope your leg gets better!

  2. Your taper rocks! I have a trail race this weekend, a 50k. It will be my first in over a year plus… I’m looking forward to the joy, pain, misery, insanity and most of all the company. I’ll be running with a couple good friends and really excited about it.

    Hope you continue to recover well. 100% is the goal.

  3. I have done an ultra relay on a levee (rocks and grass and dirt) and a 5k trail run and they aren’t my favorite but only because I have terrible ankles and they make me so nervous!

  4. RicoleRuns says:

    Congrats on your race! And I’m thinking super healing thoughts for your leg! Who do you see and where is it? I desperately need someone like that who does sports oriented massage including taping and such.

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