Birthday Weekend Recap

Last Friday I turned the big 2-9!  I didn’t really announce it, but I was running a marathon on Saturday for my Birthday! The marathon was out of town, and since my Birthday was on a Friday, I took the day off work. Why not right? I needed the day desperately!

Friday the hubs were driving to Spokane for my race. Before we headed out though I headed to the sports massage. I got my leg re-taped and checked out to see how much inflammation had gone down.It was much better! We taped it up nicely and I was given the go-ahead to run the full marathon!! (with the warning that the last 5 miles might be painful.. but what isn’t at that point?!)

Back home it was time to Open the birthday presents! I got one of these over a MONTH prior and I waited! It about killed my BFF but she survived!

And the contents:

A brand new Leather-bound NIV study bible! Yes I’m a NUT but this is what I asked my mom for! it even has my name on it! I have a hardback one that I was ‘recommended’ to get for college that is starting to fall apart. Mom was hilarious and said she would buy me another one when I wear this one out! It definitely went with me on the trip! next up is a bottle of EVOO direct from somewhere overseas where its GOOD. I can’t wait to cook with it! Then the much anticipated BFF gift of the large Coach wristlet! I actually knew exactly what this was, but just didn’t open it! Its Awesome by the way!!

Then we packed up and hit the road! Its about 5 hours away so we left early with a quick stop at starbucks! It was sunny and a beautiful drive!

LOVE birthday Starbucks!

Beautiful Drive! I think there are more pictures but you don’t want to see the part of Washington that looks like a hilly Kansas. B-O-R-I-N-G…

Then we got to Spokane! I got dropped off at the expo – you had to pay for parking!! The expo was nothing fancy and all I scored was a piece of bread from the Great Harvest Booth.. The Hubs headed to the hotel with the car and it was only a few blocks away so I walked over there when I was done. We stayed at The Davenport. Yeah.. Wow! It was cool! Our room was AWESOME!!!The bed had a awesome pillow top topper on it and boy was it comfy!

We rested a bit and then headed out to get something to eat. There were some options, but we ended up at P.F. Changs. Don’t ask me why. My typical pre-race food is pizza. It was not really smart because the food sucked. Not what I really wanted on my Birthday but you move on right? For dessert I had a strawberries & cream frapp from Starbucks! It was perfect!

I headed back to the hotel and got my stuff laid out for the race in the morning and read my new fancy Bible and went to sleep!

All ready to go!

Race report will be up maybe tomorrow!

After the race I took an ice bath and we headed out for food. Anyone else have issues being not hungry after running? Yeah.. but I forced good ole JJ down!

Then I really wanted some fro-yo! It was warm, but there was nothing close and I wasn’t going to walk forever to get some.. so you know Starbucks wins again!! haha.

The new Mocha Cookie Crumble Frapp. AMAZING.

So Apparently Saturday was some kind of Holiday? or it was in Spokane! They had a car show, a lilac festival, random carnival stuff, and then the big feature was a parade that people claimed chair spots on at like 8AM! (insane)  I LOVE car shows so we walked around. There was some nice stuff but this baby was one of my favs:

’67 El Camino

Yes I just said an old Orange El Camino is awesome. Growing up our neighbor (who built our house and was always around) had a white El Camino. Lots of hilarious memories about that car and I can’t ever see one of these without thinking of Joe! We actually ended up walking around quite a bit and then rested before dinner.  I found a little Italian place nearby and we got there just in time for a happy hour priced app!


I had a calzone and sorry but it got eaten before there was a picture! Oops!

Then we ventured to a little mom & pop store for some ice cream & aloe. See I neglected suncreen on my legs.. they got quite burnt running:

Yeah it may not LOOK that bad but it hurt. Almost more than my sore muscles! Sleeping was not so easy.

Sunday morning I found this awesome place for Breakfast – Frank’s Diner.

Super cute place in a train car! Amazing food! We got to watch them cook sitting at the bar! I had biscuits and gravy and eggs. Beyond YUMMY! Go here if you go to Spokane!!

Then we headed home and not much to report on the way home. Pretty simple drive however when we got back to Seattle, it was raining. go figure. Such is life here.

But that was most of my Birthday weekend! A fun trip out of town!!



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4 Responses to Birthday Weekend Recap

  1. Ricole Runs says:

    What a fabulous sounding weekend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can’t wait to read the race report! 🙂 And your poor legs, that sunburn looks nasty.

  2. Late Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had an excellent time!
    I have issues eating after races too.
    OUCH. No, that sunburn looks like it hurts. Yikes. I will remember to take sunscreen with me when I go to Spokane this weekend.

  3. Holy moly, your poor legs!!!! I hope you got some aloe on those babies!
    That hotel you stayed at looks amazing….I am going to look it up if I ever visit that area!
    I cannot wait for your race recap 🙂

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