Another week of cell phone pictures!  This week has been all about recovery and a wee bit of leftover birthday celebration!!

My Race Medal. I worked hard for this puppy! Love it!!

Ahhh this is THE best aloe there is. It is $$$ but it works. After a day with cheap-o aloe, this took away the burn and I could sleep! If you are a fair skinned person and turn into a lobster in the sun- you need this!

My Mom got me some Shari’s Berries for my Birthday! However there was an issue with the fact they were ‘delivered’ Thursday before we left and there was NOTHING at our house. We were livid. Thankfully they have some amazing customer service and replaced the berries! They even shipped them to my work so I could get them personally!!

Working on the healthy train. yep. its actually pretty good, but I am not sure it is filling enough. Still working through things, but trying to get my veggies in more and more.

Another part of my Birthday was going to the Sounders game this week! Hubby got tickets through work and so we got to go! It was fun even though it rained and its not covered and we lost! I enjoy soccer and really still semi-regret not playing through middle-high school! Oh well life goes on right?!

I really don’t get tired of this view! Seattle at night is awesome! The clouds make the city always have this ‘glow’!

Liking up with Jeannett this week at Life Rearranged.  Maybe this week I’ll get my link submitted!
life rearranged

Happy Friday of a Holiday weekend!! Hooray for sleeping in on a Monday!!


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Runner, Christian, Reader, All about living a healthy lifestyle and living for God!
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2 Responses to InstaFriday!

  1. Laurie J says:

    thanks for the tip on the aloe…..i’ve always gone ‘cheap’ and been unimpressed. that city pic is awesome.

  2. I love Seattle! Such a great city and I had good food when I was there. Those berries look amazing! Glad the company was so good and fixed the issue.

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