Windermere Marathon Recap!

Well I did it! Marathon #3 was finished and a success!!


Friday morning I headed up to see the sports massage guy and get my leg re-taped with KT tape.  He did a 5 minute treatment (OUCH!!) and said that a lot of the inflammation had gone down – YAY!  He said I’d be ok likely to run the full, although probably last 5 miles would hurt.  I could do with that – what doesn’t hurt the last 5 miles?! He also suggested for no running 2 weeks post race, but I could cross train.

I headed home and opened my Birthday Presents. Then we hit the road to Spokane! It was very pretty!

Then we hit the plains as I described as a ‘hilly kansas’.  Lots of wheat and hay and who knows what.  I think some potatoes? meh.

I hit up the expo and it was not much to brag about. I got my bib & shirt and got some details about the bus in the morning for the race and got a piece of bread from the Great Harvest booth.

I headed to the hotel and we rested for a little bit and then looked for a place to eat.  The hotel had quite a few restaurants, however they seemed so pricey and not like great.. There was a P.F. Changs down the street we decided upon. (Breaking Rule #2 here of not eating familiar food before the race!!) In the end, I have to say it was pretty crappy.  I even sent my food back and ordered sweet & sour chicken withOUT the sauce to just eat the chicken. yeah… Not what I really had in mind for my birthday and I was pretty pissed about how poor the food and service was.

Then it was back to the room to begin prepping for the race! I pinned the bib on my shirt and got all my Gu order sorted and everything put in my belt!

I am anal. I put my GU in a specific order. (there are 2 in the water bottle too) I prefer sunglasses and these are some walmart cheapies I have had for quite a while and they are pretty good because they are polarized and good for sun or overcast.

Then it was a bit of bible reading and some sleep. I have pretty good luck sleeping the night before a race so I woke up when the alarm went off at 5am! I saw this on my phone!

It was up right away to start eating. Yep.

I bring my own food. I had half PB sandwich before I got dressed.  It was time to apply the BodyGlide and sunscreen.  I always wear my Sugoi compression capris and opted for my nice UnderArmor tee. It’s so light and easy to wear. No chafing usually!

I had arranged for the hotel driver to take me to the bus drop off so I was hurrying to get all my stuff and out the door(so thankful for the pre-work the night before!). Here’s a blurry elevator pic!

I took the other half of my PB sandwich to eat on the bus along with some water/gatorade mix to drink. The bus wasn’t bad but somehow I was on the last bus to the start! whew! sat next to a really nice girl and chatted some. was about 25 minute ride. which was kind of freaky since the only way back was on foot.. Start line was super low-key. Hit up the porta potties and then it was go time.


The first 2 miles looped around a business park before we could hit the Centennial Trail. This wasn’t bad as the ~400 runners were still close so you could see people. It was a bit chilly:

But felt pretty good to be honest. However it didn’t last long. about mile 1.5 the sun popped out.  I looked West and saw NO clouds. Things changed at that point. The sun was out before 7:15 am which meant it was going to warm up – a lot. I cruised along at a pretty decent pace, 10: and was feeling pretty good.  I didn’t start off running with anyone but eventually fell into pace with a couple of people. I was definitely with the slow group, but there were plenty of people around.  The first 6 miles ticked off nicely:
Mile 1 =10:34
Mile 2 =10:46
Mile 3 =10:41
Mile 4 = 10:50
Mile 5 = 11:29
Mile 6 =11:35

I kept running with a girl and then a guy who was doing marathon #50! He was just out having fun! I ended up losing them however at the water stop around mile 9. At this point I was starting to feel the heat. It was hot. I was watching my time like a hawk and taking my GU every 45 minutes and walking through each water stop.
Mile 7 = 10:56
Mile 8 =11:50
Mile 9= 11:01

The trail was pavement and somewhere during these miles I noticed there was a little dirt path along the side. I started running in that for 2 reasons. 1 it was partially shaded and 2 it was less impact. I thought it might be helpful for my leg. Who really knows. But eventually I made it to 13. I hit mile 13 ~2:28.
Mile 10 = 11:23
Mile 11 = 11:22
Mile 12 = 12:51
Mile 13 = 11:42

At this point I knew a 5 hour marathon was not going to happen. I had a choice. push and try to keep the pace or slow down, and make sure I survived without dehydrating. I picked 2. I pulled out my phone and texted the hubs to let him know I was halfway and I was probably slowing down a bit. I also at this point plugged in my music. I had not had it on the whole time! They were saying this discouraged it, so I only put one earbud in. Enough to keep me going!

Miles 13-20 I don’t remember much. I know I was basically run-walking. run to every mile marker or every water stop and then walk for a few minutes. Drink some water, take a Gu.. etc. Repeat. It was a very pretty course.  However we pulled off the river somewhere around 17 I think. According to the elevation chart 16.5-18 was a hill.  I didn’t notice much of a hill – there was a slight one at 19 but meh in my book.  We ran through a random neighborhood which was boring and by 19 we were out on the shoulder of a road…
Mile 14 = 13:50
Mile 15 = 13:11
Mile 16 = 12:11
Mile 17 = 12:23
Mile 18 = 12:58
Mile 19 =  11:57
Mile 20 = 12:54

I pulled out my phone again at 20 to text the hubs and let him know where I was.  The last two marathons I ran miles 20-26 were a struggle. I was not trained enough or just didn’t know.  However, I was still feeling pretty strong at this point. I was probably running about .5 mile at a time then walking a bit. It was TOASTY by this point. I also walked if there was shade where it was maybe cooler. In my mind it was cooler in the shade and would help me to walk. All of these miles I was running pretty much alone. I’d leap-frog someone or I actually caught up to and passed a couple of people around 18.  I was watching my watch when I was running and to some extent when I was running I was still going a decent pace. I was pretty proud! (even though some of the mile times don’t reflect it..)
Mile 21 = 14:03
Mile 22 =12:19

Mile 23 is where I waited for my friend C at Eugene.  She was not doing well and told me the only reason she made it to 23 was because I was there waiting for her.  This race wasn’t local, so she told me to pretend that she was there waiting. I went up to the 23 sign and said Hi and hi-fived it. Yep. Probably delirious!
Mile 23 = 12:56

Mile 24 I was still cruising along and actually feeling pretty strong. I pulled out the phone and texted the hubs to expect me in 20-25 minutes. I actually caught up to some more people in these last two miles.  We started to see town and that was beyond exciting!! In mile 25 we ran through part of the Gonzaga campus and I thought all about Mel! She is a great inspiration and such a fun person!
Mile 24 = 13:13
Mile 25 =  12:54

Towards the end there were a lot of people but they weren’t there for the race. It was somewhat annoying to dodge people on the course. Then the hubs was at the 26 marker. He said hi, jogged a few steps and then ran to meet me at the finish. The finish was up hill. Not a fan. Seriously people? Oh well. I was DONE.
Mile 26 =12:15
last 0.2 =3:41 (12:18 pace)

I did it!! 26.2!

Total = 5:17:54

Worst time ever, but I finished. I hobbled back to the hotel (decent walk man.) and got into the ice bath.

Ahh and the posterior tibia tendon issue. I actually managed it very well and it did not hurt!! I stretched a few times if I started to feel anything and was completely fine! Praise God!

Post Race

I was not hungry – typical but we headed to the easiest fastest place to get food – Jimmy Johns!!

I had the whole sub and then we headed to Starbucks for ‘dessert’. After all the sun I needed this:

Mocha Cookie Crumble Frap!

Then I enjoyed the afternoon with my hubby. We had fun, minus discovering I got horribly sunburned on the back of my calves. OH. MY. WORD. More pain than the sore muscles!!

Yeah.. two weeks later and it’s just now peeling. Very thankful it did not blister – just burnt. Live and learn.

Overall Thoughts:

This was a pretty nice race. It was simple and there was good support from a water -stop standpoint. They advertised the race as downhill. I felt like it was more rolling hills. enh. Uphill finish – seriously? The course support was slim to none. This was definitely a do it on your own deal. I was a bit disappointed with my time, but I know that I ran a smart race and I think that is far more important than crash & burn. Not sure I’d do this race again, but it was nice enough!


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3 Responses to Windermere Marathon Recap!

  1. Ouch calf burn! Gotta love capri tan lines. You did great getting through a tough one, way to stay strong! The race shirts look cute.

  2. I just reading your recap. Sorry you didn’t have a good experience. I ran the 1/2 last year and everyone finished on the bridge which is flat. They must have changed it. I love the course though. I run from Post Falls into Spokane on all of my long training runs. My last 24 miler before Eugene was 3:02 on that course. I don’t think I could ever sign up for the full though because I know May can sometimes get toasty in Spokane.

    • Karla says:

      I wouldn’t say it was horrible. I mean I did have fun, but it was lonely and HOT out there. I think the half would have been ok. I did hear rumors they changed the finish.

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