This week was something I am not repeating. I do not want to talk about it. It was hard. Work was hard physically, mentally and emotionally. However I have a few pictures from highlights of my week!

On travel this week – I did this from Carissa @Fit2Flex. It says to do 2 rounds but I only made it through 1. I was in Denver. The lack of O2 was hard. This was a good workout! Try it out sometime! I did it twice this week!

Right so in Denver there were some crazy bad storms this week. Like really. I haven’t been in a storm that bad in a long time. It rained like this plus hail and intense thunder & lightening from 8pm to 2 am. Yeah….

To calm myself down during the storm when I couldn’t sleep I did my nails with Peach Daquiri by essie.  Its pretty nice! Durable too! only 1 chip after I scrubbed the sink today.

At the airport I got dinner before my super late flight – which was then delayed.. Got a little dessert to go along with it. very yum. Ice cream hits the spot. every. time.

I sported my new black Sparkly Soul headband to work yesterday. Yes work. along with my north face fleece.  yes its JUNE. Its awesome. These headbands are totally worth it. They fit my small head and stay put.

Today I finished up this cute baby blanket for a friend. It’s about 3 months late or so, but at least its done! All in the box to be mailed out!

This morning I slept in until 9:30 am and am relaxing for the weekend.  Linking up late with Jeannette. Stop over to see everyone else’s weeks in pictures!
life rearranged

Happy Weekend!


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