Summer Reading Series #4

This week was another great read! I am really enjoying this because it is challenging me to spend time reading and not so much time on the computer! Plus I have found some really good reads!

This week’s book is: “Silver Girl” by Elin Hilderbrand

Amazon:Silver Girl: A Novel

Genre: Fiction – Romance & Mystery

Published:2011 (reprint)

This book is about a two friends who get together after tragedy had struck both of them. They probably share the story line 50-50, but Meredith’s tragedy is recent and her friend Connie helps her out. Meredith’s husband was convicted in a Ponzi scheme and Connie wisks her away to a house in Nantucket for the summer.  This is a great read about how to stand on your own feet and believe in yourself. There is a bit of mystery involved in this book as well so you are really curious to see how a few things turn out.  I really enjoyed this  book. The story line never got too boring and was pretty active. It was also a great lesson in learning to love the life you have and forgiveness.  It was a bit longer and took me a bit more time to read, but not bad. Probably 1-2 hour sittings over 4 days maybe? (I lost track!) Would be a great beach or pool read!  I am going to check out some other books by this same author next time I am at the Library!!



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1 Response to Summer Reading Series #4

  1. jane says:

    Ooh, thanks for the recommendation! I was just complaining to my husband that I couldn’t find any good summer reads. (Not that summer is arriving anytime soon…brrrr.) The Blue Bistro is my favorite Elin Hilderbrand book, and The Island is quite good, too. Barefoot’s not bad, either. The story’s just okay, but the character development is good and it transports you to the beach, so what more can you ask for from a summer read? Thanks again, I’ll be hitting up the library tonight!

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