Summer Reading Series #5

Another week of Summer and I actually got to experience some summer down in Phoenix. Then I came back to Seattle where it promptly rained. Anyway for these rainy days I found an awesome book!

This week’s book is: “the four corners of the sky” by Michael Malone.

Amazon: The Four Corners of the Sky: A Novel

Genre: Fiction – Mystery & romance combined
Published: 2009

This book is about a girl, Annie, who’s Dad leaves her at her Aunt’s house on her birthday. He then disappears for 20 years only to show up and want Annie to help him with a ‘dying wish’. She struggles as she has become quite good at her job – navy pilot! And her Dad is into the illegal world. However, he promises to tell her who her mother is. So she goes about trying to help her Dad and encounters all sorts of hilarious characters. A few scary episodes, but pretty hilarious. The book has a bit of romance as some of the characters involve ex-husbands and Miami cops (hello CSI:Miami!!). There is mystery here as well with her Dad and the things he is involved in and what he is trying to do.  I have to say that the ending was a surprise but also really funny!  I liked the ending here, compared to the last few books! This book is long I will warn you. The hardback from the library is upwards of ~550 pages?! Medium font, but still took me almost a week to finish reading every other day for a couple hours.

This author is pretty good. I may have to search out some of his other books if they are similar to this one!

Enjoy and happy Tuesday!


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