Summer Reading Series #6

Summer is officially here now that we are in July and have surpassed July 4th! sorry for this being so late of a review! Vacation made computer access difficult!

This week’s book is: “The Breach” by Patrick Lee

Amazon:The Breach

Genre: Fiction – sci-fi & Romance
Published: 2009

This book is about a guy wandering in the wilderness and he comes upon a crashed unmarked plane. The plane is part of a super-secret government project and was carrying a special Item. This Item was stolen by the bad guys and several survivors were being tortured for information. The guy, Travis, saves the girl and then gets involved in the recovery of this item. The item is related to some crazy science (hence the sci-fi) and if you are a physics nerd, you will find it interesting. Otherwise you might be a bit lost, but you can overlook.  Travis and this group end up getting involved in some crazy events that keep you on your toes to recover this item. The story has a crazy twist at the end about how the Item was created and what happens. This book was quite the thriller and I totally enjoyed reading it! Oh man it was one of those ‘I have to stay up until I finish this book’ ones!! It took me maybe 4 hours total to read. It was good and fast. There is a sequel to this book as well and I checked the library but am going to have to do that ‘hold’ thing that is annoying.. haha.

Happy July!


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