Another week down! I took a few good picts this week! It was another crazy week with a trip south for work for me. It was a super busy trip and a week full of not much sleep. 😦

I finished my last chenille blanket last Sunday and gave it over to its new 1.5 year old owner! She wasn’t impressed but mom liked it! haha.

Even on my travel this week, I hit the gym at 5:30 am both days! Of course I followed up with some starbucks, but it was great to get some quality workouts in while on the road!

Note the TIME. almost 10:30 PM and it was still 106 degrees! Seriously. It was HOT. AND it was HUMID. word. see those thunderstorms – monsoon season in Phoenix. It was yucky.

Upon arriving home and not getting much work done, we went to the church softball game to hang out! It was too nice here in Seattle to not be outside chilling!!

That was my busy week!!

Linking up with Jeannette at Life Rearranged – Make sure you head over to see how cute her newest bundle of joy is!!!!
life rearrangedHappy Weekend!


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