Seattle Summer Weekend Recap

This was one of your Typical Seattle weekends. Friday it was sunny and beautiful. Saturday it was Sunny and beautiful. Sunday it was cloudy and cool. Sunday night I was wearing shorts and a hoodie. Yeah that’s how I roll..

Friday Night:
We headed out to the church Softball game with our friends. There weren’t many people there but our good friends play and so we were there to hang out. It was sunny and beautiful out so it was a good time!

The team played 2 games. Lost the first and won the second with some great plays! Little guy is getting big! (No he’s not mine!) Afterwards we headed over to said friends house and enjoyed their fire chimney until the wee hours of the morning! You can do that here in the summer!

We slept in after out late night. I got a request from the Hubs to make his favorite ‘corn biscuits’.  i.e. buttermilk biscuits with some added cornmeal. They are a fav around here! So I whipped them up with some eggs and bacon. Was tasty!

Then we headed over to West Seattle for the street fair! it was a beautiful day out! we walked around – mostly just people seeing!

Sunny West Seattle!

Then we had a fabulous lunch at the Husky Deli! Great little place with random food but good sandwiches and amazing ice cream (but we skipped the ice cream!) I got a veggie Panini and it was actually really good!

It was just enough!

In the afternoon we headed home and did some random stuff. I ran some errands and got a few things for 2 more craft projects!

Sunday we headed to a different church for a change and had a good time. A bit far away for reality but not bad. Afterwards I went with a couple of running friends to a TNT lunch. It ended up being sunny for a short time!

We went to the Redhook brewery in Woodinville. It was so pretty there!! Good times had talking and hanging out!

Headed home and did the usual grocery shopping and some laundry. Had a little dessert:

And marveling at the fact that 2 days ago it was 80 degrees. Now I’m back under my blanket:

This week is going to be great! I get to stay home ALL week! hooray! excited about having a ‘normal’ week! Hopefully the weather there holds out and its decent!!

Did you do anything fun this weekend or just the usual??


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