Another Friday from a solid week! This week I got to be at home ALL week. It was marvelous! 

Summer in the PNW means Salmon. I picked up a nice piece of King last weekend and we had it for dinner one night. amazing. so yummy!

It may not be super warm here but smoothies are my breakfast this week! Milk, ice, protein powder, strawberries and banana. YUM. Totally hits the spot after early morning workouts!

My sister got my the Glitter TOMS for my birthday. I wasn’t sure of the size but finally got to try on the larger size the other week. These will do – just need to be stretched a bit. I had fun wearing them to work! Got a few comments from my male co-workers!

One of my coworkers (not person pictured) took a group of us to this taco truck this week. WORD. it was awesome. I WILL be going back!!!

A couple mornings this week, I made up my own spin workout! I’m still cautious about running and didn’t want to push it. You can still get a rather good workout on this thing!!

Last night was this AWESOME sunset! You can sort of see the rays going up. it was SOO pretty.  However I should have been warned….

Woke up to pouring rain and some lightening & thunder. boo. Its pretty dreary for a Friday.

Linking up with Jeannette at Life Rearranged. If you haven’t been by to see her blog or you need a dose of baby – head over there. Adorable!!!
life rearrangedHappy Friday!!


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