Happy Birthday America 2012

Hooray for a holiday! We started ours off with a red eye flight to Houston and onto Oklahoma city to visit family. It’s toasty warm here and feels great to me!!
We had a relaxing day and I went to see one of the best fireworks shows I have ever seen! We were maybe 100 yards from where they were shooting them off! Here’s a good picture!


Hope you had a great holiday and are thankful to live in this great country!!

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Sunday Scripture

Source: biblia.com via Karla on Pinterest

2 Peter 1:3

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Whew this post is late! It has been a busy few weeks. Sorry for the lack of blogginess. Hopefully that will change soon! Alright well I remembered to get a few good photos this week!

Yum. I got some pre-seasoned chicken from the meat shop last weekend and cooked it in the crockpot and then shredded it. amazing. so yummy on some good veggies!

Sugar free Jello Pudding Cups. the best dessert. A little rediwhip on top makes it super enjoyable!

More super-healthy breakfast post-workout! Egg, berries, and milk+Protein powder! YUM.

This week I head to head down to Oregon for work for 3 days. This was part of my drive Tuesday with all the pretty trees! I eventually got out of the clouds into sunshine!

Right I AM a nerd. Ok. I have a degree which says so. This was part of my work this week. Going back to my grad school days of partial differential equations! fun times!!

Part of my dinner one night. Greens with a pear and some onion and goat cheese I think it was? Whatever it was pretty darn good. However it was topped by this:

Amazing brownie with chocolate chips on top, Tillamook vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce. It was SO good that I went back a second night to get the same thing again! HA.

Working out while on Travel is HARD. especially when you stay in a sketchy hotel with not quite a ‘workout’ room.  I paid some money and hit up a local gym. It was great. To follow up, I used my new Protein 2GO from Designer Whey. It was really good! I think it definitely helped with my recovery!

I am now home safe and sound and took a shower in my own bathroom and get to sleep in my own bed! exciting!

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Have a fabulous weekend!

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Summer Reading Series #5

Another week of Summer and I actually got to experience some summer down in Phoenix. Then I came back to Seattle where it promptly rained. Anyway for these rainy days I found an awesome book!

This week’s book is: “the four corners of the sky” by Michael Malone.

Amazon: The Four Corners of the Sky: A Novel

Genre: Fiction – Mystery & romance combined
Published: 2009

This book is about a girl, Annie, who’s Dad leaves her at her Aunt’s house on her birthday. He then disappears for 20 years only to show up and want Annie to help him with a ‘dying wish’. She struggles as she has become quite good at her job – navy pilot! And her Dad is into the illegal world. However, he promises to tell her who her mother is. So she goes about trying to help her Dad and encounters all sorts of hilarious characters. A few scary episodes, but pretty hilarious. The book has a bit of romance as some of the characters involve ex-husbands and Miami cops (hello CSI:Miami!!). There is mystery here as well with her Dad and the things he is involved in and what he is trying to do.  I have to say that the ending was a surprise but also really funny!  I liked the ending here, compared to the last few books! This book is long I will warn you. The hardback from the library is upwards of ~550 pages?! Medium font, but still took me almost a week to finish reading every other day for a couple hours.

This author is pretty good. I may have to search out some of his other books if they are similar to this one!

Enjoy and happy Tuesday!

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Sunday Scripture

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Another long week and hopefully a few more pictures this week! Let’s see what I got into…

Cute guy. He is about 7 months old and pretty freaking adorable!
11:30 at night and still 96 degrees. Never a good sign!


I went out with a friend to have some of my favorite pizza. Yeah I go to Phoenix often enough I have made some friends. Sad maybe but true.

Yeahhh like 5 pm and that sun is blazing. Can be pretty except when you look at the thermometer and see 111…

And lovely seattle! At 6 am sunny and bright with a great workout to start my day!

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Happy Friday!!

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Summer Reading Series #4

This week was another great read! I am really enjoying this because it is challenging me to spend time reading and not so much time on the computer! Plus I have found some really good reads!

This week’s book is: “Silver Girl” by Elin Hilderbrand

Amazon:Silver Girl: A Novel

Genre: Fiction – Romance & Mystery

Published:2011 (reprint)

This book is about a two friends who get together after tragedy had struck both of them. They probably share the story line 50-50, but Meredith’s tragedy is recent and her friend Connie helps her out. Meredith’s husband was convicted in a Ponzi scheme and Connie wisks her away to a house in Nantucket for the summer.  This is a great read about how to stand on your own feet and believe in yourself. There is a bit of mystery involved in this book as well so you are really curious to see how a few things turn out.  I really enjoyed this  book. The story line never got too boring and was pretty active. It was also a great lesson in learning to love the life you have and forgiveness.  It was a bit longer and took me a bit more time to read, but not bad. Probably 1-2 hour sittings over 4 days maybe? (I lost track!) Would be a great beach or pool read!  I am going to check out some other books by this same author next time I am at the Library!!


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Sunday Scripture

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Another week of cell phone pictures in the books. This week was a bit busy and not many picture somehow.  Such is life.

The whole maxi-skirt craze and I caved. Found this cute striped skirt at Target for <$20! Its beyond comfortable and is great for the summer.

Tuesday I went to a tweetup for Zensah. We had a lot of fun.  LtoR: Rebecca, Dawn, Stacy, Rep, Wes. (I am horrible with names and forgot the Rep’s name. #fail)  Anyways lots of fun giving suggestions about how to improve products and what new products we’d like to see. And free coffee!

Part of this is free stuff!! Finally snagged a pair of leg sleeves and a few other items.  Look for reviews coming up in the next couple of weeks!

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Happy Friday!

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Summer Reading Series #3

We have made it to week 3! Another week of some good reading here on my end!

The Read for this week is: “The Peach Keeper” by Sarah Addison Allen

Amazon: The Peach Keeper: A Novel

Genre: Fiction

This book was a completely random find on the shelf at the entrance to the library.  I have never heard of the author before or this book. It looked like a good story!  The story is set in modern-day times, but has history back to 1936 when a group of women formed their own society to help each other out. Hard times with a mix of rich & poor girls in a small town. Years later, two daughters of the original members still live there, but are not friends.  However the club still exists and one of the girls is trying to get the other to come to a party to celebrate 75 years of the club. The club is being held at a restored mansion and oddly there was a peach tree growing on the grounds. The story is about how this peach tree grew and how the club got started.  There is also a bit of fun romance and a rekindled friendship along the way.  This was a pretty light read, but definitely held my attention well.  I read this in about 4 hours on a plane and in my hotel room.

Edit: This book does have magic in it. I didn’t really pick up on it as a huge issue, but its there so I feel like I should warn people who are against that type of stuff! It’s not something I typically read but it didn’t bother me.

Luckily I found another great read that is good for any occasion!

Are you doing much summer reading? Do you like to read? 

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